LayerLok SC

Maximizes SWAP body capacity and volume

The LayerLok SC was designed and developed with the sole objective to be the most efficient solution for SWAP-bodies.

LayerLok SC - double decking solution by LoadLok
LayerLok SC - double decking solution by LoadLok
LayerLok SC - double decking solution by LoadLok

The LayerLok SC was designed and developed with the sole objective to be the most efficient solution for SWAP-bodies. The single 5044 steel tracks are perfectly suitable to be welded at the required position, e.g. on the corrugations of the container. The 1849 beams have been completely redesigned, reducing the weight of a complete system with 78kg (based on a typical configuration with 23 beams). 

The LayerLok SC can even be retrofitted, find out more about below or contact your local subsidiary for a configuration that fulfills your requirements.

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Weight reduction

Up to 30%

Low pitch



Equipment stays with the vehicle

Double Decking Transport

A double decking solution is ideal in situations where cargo can’t be piled on top of each other, e.g pallet with boxes. Creating a second deck enables you to use the complete capacity of the vehicle. Our solutions can be used even with mixed loading heights.

Double decking re-Invented

The engineers of our Research and Development department were given the task to re-engineer our double decking solutions, focusing on minimizing the weight without any compromises on performance. Combined with our manufacturing capabilities and optimal supply chain, these double decking solutions will contribute to great efficiency for our customers.

Lightest Captive solution from steel

Utilize the maximum volume and capacity of the SWAP-body by using a Double Decking system that has the lowest system weight in the market. The weight reduction of the beams also has a great positive ergonomic advantage to the operator. The aluminum 1849 (1300kg) and 1849 Heavy Duty beams (1350kg) slide into the 5044 single tracks. 

Creating a full captive Double Decking system: equipment can’t get lost or stolen. The 1849 decking beams are easily locked into position at the desired height thus providing an instant second and even a third level of decking or pallet stations. 

The system can also be set at various levels throughout the vehicle to accommodate mixed load requirements. When the beams are not required, they simply can be stored at roof level.

LayerLok SC 5044 Tracks

Article no.ConfigurationProductMaterialFinishingFixing Hole Ø 
Fixing Hole Pitch 
Thickness above surface (mm)Length 
Profile Width
Profile Height 
CustomSurface mounted5044SteelPregalvanized
Zinc Plated
Hot dip galvanized
CustomizableCustomizable1414Customizable70 (Customizable)14

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LayerLok SC 1849 Beams

Article no.ProductMaterialFinishingWorking Range
Load Capacity Decking 
Load Capacity Shoring 
100149241849AluminiumNon-Annodised2410 - 267010001000

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3D Animation video

Check all details of our LayerLok SC solution in our 3D animation video.

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