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We know that every millimeter and kilogram count in transport. Therefore, we design, develop and manufacture solutions that bring added value to both bodybuilders and transport companies. Find out more about our LayerLok double decking solutions, FashionLok garment solutions, and IsoLok Multitemp solutions.

Our solutions

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Multitemp solutions

IsoLok Multitemp solutions

Increase your flexibility and efficiency in refrigerated transport

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Double Decking solutions

LayerLok Double Decking solutions

Maximise your payload, double your loading area

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Garment Transport solutions

FashionLok Garment Transport solutions

For optimized garment transport

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4 Reasons for optimisation

Optimising your trailer's payload is always a good idea. Our Research and Development team has developed several solutions to do so. Discover how our solutions can contribute to your success. 

Maximize payload

Maximise the space and payload of your trailer or vehicle with LayerLok, double decking solutions by LoadLok. Solutions that excel in durability, flexibility and efficiency across multiple types of vehicles and purposes. 

A double decking solution is ideal in situations where cargo cannot be piled on top of each other. Creating a second deck enables you to use the complete capacity of the vehicle. Our solutions can be used even with multiple loading heights.

Optimise space

Maximise your volumetric efficiency by using a second deck or temperature separation wall. We offer different types of (captive) LayerLok double decking systems. LayerLok XP for example, has the lowest track profile in combination with smallest adjustable pitch available in the market. 

And our IsoLok Multitemp removable solutions come in different folding options for optimal storage in your vehicle or pallet box.

Increase flexibility

Increase your flexibility with IsoLok Multitemp solutions or FashionLok garment solutions. Transport a combination of frozen, cooled, and dry products in 1 refrigerated trailer. Or use our LayerLok AF double decking solution for the highest flexibility in terms of compatible load securing equipment. 

With our FashionLok garment solutions you have maximum flexibility in types of cargo. When you combine our garment panels with our double decking beams for example, you are able to create a second deck throughout the vehicle.

Higher efficiency

IsoLok Multitemp solutions help to rescale the conditioned compartment to minimise the cooled area. With market-leading insulation performance and compartment closure, LoadLok’s solutions can save users over 40% on energy consumption

And with our LayerLok you can transport not 33, but 66 Euro pallets in one go.

Full range of Cool Series

LoadLok is world's leading manufacturer of Multitemp products for conditioned transport. Let us introduce to you our full range of IsoLok Cool Series. We offer different folding variations, in different storage options available for any kind of vehicle! Meet the IsoLok Cool38, Cool53 and Cool67 in 2Fold, 3Fold, 6Fold and Van.

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Increase profit in the cold chain

Less fuel consumption, more efficiency

Fleet operators need a solution that enables them to reduce fuel consumption while increasing flexibility in terms of the types of cargo they transport in one trailer.

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New range of Double Decking solutions

LayerLok XP, LayerLok AF and LayerLok SC are designed to maximize the space utilization and payload of trailers, combining lower system weights and higher system performance.

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