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Any company that transports perishable or temperature-sensitive cargo knows the cold chain must stay intact under all circumstances. With IsoLok Multitemp solutions we are offering high performing solutions for you to keep the cold chain under control. Regardless of the cargo (frozen, cooled, or dry cargo), number of daily stops or the flexibility requirements - we can offer a solution that fits best. 

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Frigo Series

LoadLok Frigo Serie in 2D version, fitted inside a refrigerated trailer

With Clever Panel Technology (CPT)

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Cool Series

Cool53 6Fold placed inside a refrigerated trailer with optimal closure

With Clever Foam Technology (CFT)

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IsoClear solution to prevent cold air to escape

Effective and affordable way for keeping the cold inside the trailer

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Temperature Controlled Transport

Are you a transport company who would like to increase efficiency? Or a bodybuilder who’s looking for the most efficient Multitemp solution for his customer?

Increasing profit in the cold chain

We offer a diverse range of Clever Panel Technology (CPT) Frigo Series solutions and Closed-Cell Foam Technology (CFT) Cool Series solutions. Solutions that excel in insulation values, durability, and ergonomic performance combined with the lowest loading height restriction in the market.

Detailed look at Closed-Cell Foam Technology (CFT) for Cool Series

Closed-Cell Foam Technology (CFT)

Our Cool Series are equipped with a unique closed cell cross linked foam technology which is high impact resistant and does not absorb any water, ideal in a humid environment. Available with our SmartLift system, TopMounted or as Flex solution. 

Cool Series

Clever Panel Technology (CPT)

The Frigo Series offer outstanding 43mm hard wall glassfibre reinforced sandwich panels. These rigid lightweight panels offer excellent insulation values and do not absorb water, ideal in a humid environment. Available with our SmartLift system, TopMounted or as Flex solution.

Frigo Series

Close up photo of Clever Panel Technology (CPT) for Frigo Series

IsoLok Frigo58 SmartLift 2D

The IsoLok Frigo58 SmartLift 2D has the unique ability to fold in two parts. This means there is less waste of cooled air during unloading. This specific solutions is available in different split variations: 1/2 – 1/2, 1/3 – 2/3.

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Increase profit in the cold chain

Less fuel consumption, more efficiency

Fleet operators need a solution that enables them to reduce fuel consumption while increasing flexibility in terms of the types of cargo they transport in one trailer.

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