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Quick and efficient cargo shoring with a full range of FreightLok shoring products for all applications – lightweight to heavy duty. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Our FreightLok Shoring Poles, Kargo Planks, Cargo Keepers and Beams come in zinc plated, mild steel and aluminium. Your requirements and our clever solutions always produce the best cargo control solutions.

Select your FreightLok system

Select a system that fits best to your vehicle and application


Shoring Beams

FreightLok Shoring Beams

Efficient and simple shoring system

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Shoring Poles

FreightLok Shoring Poles

Track and Pole combination. Available as Telescopic and Shortenable Shoring Poles. 

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Kargo Keeper

FreightLok Kargo Keeper

Flexible shoring system

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Cargo Planks

FreightLok Cargo Planks

Shoring for inside curtainsiders

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38 Years of experience

We've been around in cargo control for a long time


We're able to customize to your requirements

European Manufacturer

We design and manufacture in Europe

Testing & Certification

As we want to improve how the world moves cargo, we randomly test our own produced straps for consistent quality (according to the ISO 9001 norm). Our straps always meet the strict standards as described in the European norm EN-12195-2. We thoroughly test each component individually, as well as the full assembly.

'Trailor Made' solutions

With market and application demands varying greatly, LoadLok’s product offering goes far beyond its standard solutions. If you have specific requirements which are not in the standard product line, we are able to customise or develop custom-designed solutions (for both mechanical and textile load securing equipment), tailored to the specific needs.

With our unique printing abilities, we can print your logo or text on webbing from any size or colour. Even printing on the label is possible. The colours of webbing that we offer are blue, orange, red, gold, black, grey, white and green. 

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The 1888 Kargo Keeper

For customers who expect more from their load securing equipment and want to have ease of use in a premium product, we developed the advanced FreightLok 1888 Kargo Keeper. Discover all unique details in this video. 

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Violations and risks in unsafe load securing

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