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Within our FreightLok assortment you will find everything you need for safe load securing according to EN 12195-2. For example, ratchet straps in different widths, lengths and other assemblies and accessories. Or Shoring Poles, Cargo Keepers or other equipment used for shoring. Contact our specialists if you need for an optimized system for cargo restraint.

Load Restraint

LoadLok has all the load securing essentials for transport companies and bodybuilders

LoadLok Tracks

Vehicle configurations

LoadLok semi-trailer configuration

Solid and secure anchor points

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Cargo control essentials

FreightLok for all your cargo control essentials

Textile and mechanical load securing equipment

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38 Years of experience

We've been around in cargo control for a long time


We're able to customize to your requirements

European Manufacturer

We design and manufacture in Europe

Three reasons for load securing

The reason for our existence is load securing. LoadLok was founded in 1984 in the harbour of Rotterdam (Netherlands), specialised in the development and manufacturing of load securing equipment that are used in road, air, rail, and sea transport. Why do you need to restrain your load? There are 3 main reasons:


The number one reason it is necessary to restrain load is safety, for both the driver and other traffic. An unrestrained load can cause severe damage or even worse. Cargo can move during transport when not secured properly.



Legally, load must be restrained. Load restraint laws require a certain standard to be met when restraining your load. The European norm for load securing is EN 12195. Failure to meet this standard will result in penalties, fines, and perhaps even worse if someone gets hurt as a result. All the products we supply are according to this norm.


Everyone within the supply chain is responsible for meeting compliance. According to Chain of Responsibility laws, everyone is not only responsible, but liable if a safety breach occurs due to poor load restraint – so it is best to know how to restrain your load, and make sure everyone else knows too!


The 1888 Kargo Keeper

For customers who expect more from their load securing equipment and want to have ease of use in a premium product, we developed the advanced FreightLok 1888 Cargo Keeper. Discover all unique details in this video. 

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Load securing in 7 steps

The road to safe cargo securing is step-by-step.

The road to safe cargo securing is step-by-step. Time and money can be saved by approaching the issue logically. Once proper packaging has been found and the load carrier chosen, cargo securing can begin. 

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What is form-closure load securing?

Form-closure load securing is an effective way of securing cargo.

Form-closure load securing is an effective way of securing cargo. It involves placing or securing cargo in such a way that it fits perfectly in the available space, allowing minimal movement during transport.

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The coefficient of friction materials

Including friction table

Surfaces moving past each other have a certain amount of friction. The degree of friction is expressed as the so-called coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction indicates the friction between two surfaces; in other words, how easily one material can slide over the other.

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