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The cargo restraint tracks have a very simple design that is easy to use, so they minimise the effort it takes to secure a load. They can be used with FreightLok straps, shoring poles and LayerLok beams to create a stabilised hold over important cargo while making the most of the trailer’s space.

Our offering

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Side Tracks

LoadLok Side Tracks

For installation on side walls

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Floor Tracks

LoadLok Floor Tracks

For installation on floor

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Roof Tracks

LoadLok Roof Tracks

For installation on roof

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'Trailor-made' tracks

At our Centre of Excellence in Hirwaun (Wales, UK) we develop and manufacture each track, which gives us the ability to tailor. Our production facility includes advanced roll-formers with in-line punching, CNC milling centres, power-presses and brake-presses, as well as assembly operations, to offer maximum production flexibility. 

We believe that by producing customised variations of tracks, specifically optimised in length, shape, mounting holes, material, and finish, we can help you greatly improve the handling of our tracks on your production line, and this can save you significant mounting time. We invite you to discuss how we can tailor our products to deliver a higher efficiency in your production process. Our engineering team is ready to deliver customised track designs, perfectly optimised to your needs! Read more about our Centre of Excellence in Hirwaun. 

Centre of Excellence

Multi-use cargo restraint track types

Whatever cargo restraint track you choose depends mostly on the type, weight, size, etc. of the cargo that is frequently transported, type of vehicle as well as the preferred method of securement. Each of our cargo restraint tracks serve a purpose, and each of these cargo restraint tracks is designed to provide optimal security with very little effort. Whether you choose our Combi tracks, Round Hole tracks, Furniture tracks, Keyhole or Airline tracks – each of these excel in durability and quality.

Endless installation options

LoadLok tracks can be attached with screws, rivets, welding, or bonding. We even developed a specific range of tracks that can be used for bonding with LoadLok glue. A powerful glue that delivers a better performance than mechanical fasteners!

LoadLok 3009 Track - The Benchmark

LoadLok is the most flexible manufacturer of Cargo Control solutions. This 3009 Track is on request available in other lengths and with other fixing hole diameters. LoadLok 3009 Heavy Duty Track is suitable for horizontal wall mounting. 

This track is compatible with LoadLok FreightLok (Shoring Poles, Shoring Beams, Straps with 1826/1826 fittings), FashionLok (Garment Rails and Panels), LayerLok (Double Decking Beams) 1845 and 1846. 

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