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As part of our FreightLok range ratchet straps, also known as tie-down straps, are used to secure cargo in transport. Together with other lashing accessories they prevent cargo from slipping, roll around, tip over or even fall off the trailer. We offer a diverse range of lashing straps varying between 5.000daN for heavy duty cargo up to 175daN cam buckle straps for light duty cargo in different widths such as 25mm, 35mm and 50mm

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Textile cargo control



25mm Ratchet strap with fitting

25mm straps for LCV market and lightweight cargo, available with different ratchets, fittings and endless.

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35mm Lashing strap with hooks

35mm straps for LCV market and lightweight cargo, available with different ratchets and fittings.

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50mm Lashing strap with hooks

The standard in transport. Available in various ratchets and fittings, fully configurable.

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Load Securing accessories

Increase the friction and lifespan of your straps.

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All cargo control essentials

With production and testing facilities in Europe, all our high-quality lashing straps are compliant to EN 12195-2. Alongside ratchet straps, we also offer all accessories and components that used in combination with lashing. Such as corner protectors, floor-rings, anchor points and friction materials. 

Trailor Made Straps

Discover more about lashing

Learn more about customising, labels or how to use lashing straps

Trailor Made Straps

Customise your strap

Personalize your lashing strap with name print
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Label Explanation

Each section explained in detail

Full explanation of the lashing label
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Lashing Instruction

How to use straps correctly

Inspection of lashing straps before driving
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FreightLok 919 Ergo Ratchet

The FreightLok 919 Ergo ratchet is a different ratchet than the 'standard 811' version. First of all the ratchet has a much longer handle so it gives you much more comfort, power and safety - like you have never experienced it before. And secondly it performs slighly different then you are used to, but only better. This ratchet is used to pull (instead push).

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Load securing in 7 steps

The road to safe cargo securing is step-by-step.

The road to safe cargo securing is step-by-step. Time and money can be saved by approaching the issue logically. Once proper packaging has been found and the load carrier chosen, cargo securing can begin. 

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What is tie-down lashing?

And what are the limitations

The simplest method of load securing is tie down lashing. This involves placing at least two lashing straps over a cargo unit, such as a box or crate, which are then tightened to the correct tension using a suitable ratchet.

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How do you safely transport...

Construction materials, machinery, bulk goods etc.

Unsafe and poor load securing occurs more frequently with some transport types.

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