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The transport landscape is changing. The distribution model is shifting from bulk transport in trucks to a combination of train and trucks between large hubs close to large cities. Smaller vehicles (LCV) take care of the final distribution inside city centres. The significance of LCV in cargo transport has increased. For this growing market we have developed load securing and – optimization products. Smart solutions which are intuitive in use, flexible, adjustable and plug and play installation.

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Track systems for flexible cargo control

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Shoring & Double Decking

Create multiple levels for cargo control

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Lashing & Fittings

Plug and play strap assemblies

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Cool Series Flex Van

Multitemp solutions for LCV

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Plug & Play

Easy installation and use

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Full utilisation of payload

Last Mile Logistics

Once the central distribution has been done, it then has be transported to the final destination. As this last leg of distribution is often less-efficient, comprising up to 53% of the total cost to move goods. We saw the ‘last mile problem’ as our challenge to create a solution that is as dynamic and flexible it can be. We introduced SmartLok – a range of smart plug & play products to create a flexible system for LCV. Create a second floor in an instant, use a combination of straps and fittings, or secure longitude items with shoring poles in combination with customizable tracks.

Pharma /Multitemp Logistics

Keeping the cold chain intact can be difficult, especially in last mile pharma or multitemp logistics. By optimizing the loading space the operator has better control of the temperature. Our SmartLok Tempwall60 Van has been optimized for LCV. Completely customizable and comes standard with the most optimum closure to prevent cold air leakage. Including specific including foldable corner flaps which are designed to accommodate the wheel arches to ensure a robust seal.

3D Animation video

Learn all about our SmartLok solutions in this 3D animation video 

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