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LoadLok has all the load securing essentials for transport companies, the building blocks for cargo control. We design, develop and manufacture mechanical and textile load securing equipment. 

Offering a wide range of shoring systems such as Kargo Keeper, Telescopic Shoring Poles, Cargo Planks, Beams and Lashing Straps in unlimited versions. High quality, European engineering and produced products. For safety reasons, it is important that your trailer restraints keeps your load secured and in place – without any movement and complying to EN 12195-2 (Load Securing standard). All our load restraint equipment is available in different sizes, for a perfect fit within your vehicle.

FreightLok Lashing & Shoring

Textile and mechanical cargo control systems


Textile cargo control

50mm Lashing Strap with ergo ratchet

Discover our possibilities in textile cargo control

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Mechanical cargo control

1888 Kargo Keeper with unique features for easy load securing

Discover our wide range of products for mechanical cargo control

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38 Years of experience

We've been around in cargo control for a long time


We're able to customize to your requirements

European Manufacturer

We design and manufacture in Europe

Testing & Certification

As we want to improve how the world moves cargo, we randomly test our own produced straps for consistent quality (according to the ISO 9001 norm). Our straps always meet the strict standards as described in the European norm EN-12195-2. We thoroughly test each component individually, as well as the full assembly.

'Trailor Made' solutions

With market and application demands varying greatly, LoadLok’s product offering goes far beyond its standard solutions. If you have specific requirements which are not in the standard product line, we are able to customise or develop custom-designed solutions (for both mechanical and textile load securing equipment), tailored to the specific needs.

With our unique printing abilities, we can print your logo or text on webbing from any size or colour. Even printing on the label is possible. The colours of webbing that we offer are blue, orange, red, gold, black, grey, white and green. 

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FreightLok 919 Ergo Ratchet

The FreightLok 919 Ergo ratchet is a different ratchet than the 'standard 811' version. First of all the ratchet has a much longer handle so it gives you much more comfort, power and safety - like you have never experienced it before. And secondly it performs slightly different then you are used to, but only better. This ratchet is used to pull (instead push).

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Load securing in 7 steps

The road to safe cargo securing is step-by-step.

The road to safe cargo securing is step-by-step. Time and money can be saved by approaching the issue logically. Once proper packaging has been found and the load carrier chosen, cargo securing can begin. 

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What is form load closure?

Form-closure load securing is an effective way of securing cargo.

Form-closure load securing is an effective way of securing cargo. It involves placing or securing cargo in such a way that it fits perfectly in the available space, allowing minimal movement during transport.

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The coefficient of friction materials

Including friction table

Surfaces moving past each other have a certain amount of friction. The degree of friction is expressed as the so-called coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction indicates the friction between two surfaces; in other words, how easily one material can slide over the other.

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