LoadLok International special member of Transfrigoroute
June 8, 2022

LoadLok International special member of Transfrigoroute


As the market leader in Multi-Temp insulated separation walls we are very proud to announce that LoadLok International is now special member of Transfrigoroute Holland.

What is Transfrigoroute?

With that we are also member of Transfrigoroute International which involve 11 countries and unites 1500 members involved in temperature controlled logistics. In Transfrigoroute the members are transport companies, manufacturers of (parts) of vehicles and testing organizations.

Loadlok strives with the membership of Transfrigoroute to contribute to policy making and acting in a advisory capacity with the relevant international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, while improving the industry's image and educate about its societal value.

What will this membership mean to our customers?

For our customer it means an increase of the used technologies: Increasing productivity and quality of offerings and services, improving the logistics of the cold chain, and encouraging technical progress, in particular in relation to food hygiene, environmental protection, road safety and economic efficiency. It's our mission to improve how the world moves cargo.

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