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Load Restraint

Securing your cargo

LoadLok straps securing a load on a Schwarzmuller curtainsider trailer

LoadLok has all the load securing essentials for transport companies, the building blocks for cargo control. In both textile as mechanical load restraint equipment. 

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Load Optimisation

Optimising your payload

Trailer with high tech features for load optimisation

Maximise the space, payload of your trailer or vehicle with our flexible solutions that help you to increase efficiency.

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Smart products for LCV

SmartLok offers innovative solutions for last mile logistics

Specific solutions in both Load Restraint as Load Optimisation, designed for Light Commercial Vehicles. 

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Clever in Cargo Control

LoadLok is member of the Cargo Control Company (C3). C3 is the number 1 provider of smart cargo control solutions to the European transport industry, with 9 sales offices throughout Europe. Through our leading product brands of LoadLok and Roland, we are recognized for our innovative and hi-tech approach to both our products, production and supply chain solutions. With commitment to new product development, technology leadership, business integration and manufacturing excellence. 

Under our LoadLok brand we supply high quality, customer specific load securing and -optimization equipment to OEM, bodybuilders and large fleet operators

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Through our commitment to new product development, technology leadership, business integration and manufacturing excellence, we are adding value to bodybuilders and transport companies. We believe that by producing customised variations of products, specifically optimised in length, shape, material, and finish, we can help our customers greatly improve the handling of our products on their production line and save them significant (mounting) time.

Load Restraint Load Optimisation

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Load securing aspects of a box truck, semi-trailer or trailer

European best practice guidelines on securing cargo for road transport set out a number of principles for loading trucks, trailers, swap bodies and others.

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