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Did you know that LoadLok is Europe's biggest manufacturer of lashing products? Annually we produce over 8.000.000 meters of straps! When you have a LoadLok brandmark on the label of your strap, then you know for sure this product has been tested and approved according to the highest standards. 

Safety and durability are LoadLok's highest priorities. That is why we manufacture every product ourselves. We not only offer the most common straps, but we can produce every strap 'trailor made'. With a wide range of fittings and tensioners combined with our flexible production setup, we’re able to provide any solution needed.

Colourful lashing strap with name print

Printed and colourful lashing straps

With our unique printing abilities, we can print your logo or text on webbing from any size or colour. Even printing on the label is possible. The colours of webbing that we offer are blue, orange, red, gold, black, grey, white and green. 

  • Reduce the risk of theft
  • Unique publicity of your brand
  • Professional look

The most versatile lashing assortment

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More than 15.000.000 combinations

We offer more than 15.000.000 different combinations of lashing straps. We have a wide selection of types of ratchets, buckles, hooks, protector sleeves, rings, lengths, colours etc. You name it, we make it.

Ratchet straps available in different specifications
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We understand that by providing more than 15000000 different combinations, we make life even more complicated for you. That is why we are here to help. By asking the right questions, we know exactly which product to choose. And with more than 3 decades of load securing experience, we are experts in this field.


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