Lashing Accessories

Essentials in your lashing plan

Although underestimated, lashing accessories are essential in your load securing.

Corner protectors in combination with straps
Corner protectors to protect the load

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Although underestimated, lashing accessories are essential in your load securing plan. Securing a load in the right way is essential for safe transport. When a load is not properly secured, it can lead to dangerous situations. Friction materials are a good and cheap basis for safe load securing. Supported with corner protectors and lashing materials it ensures that the cargo cannot move.

Lashing Accessories

Essentials in your lashing plan


Corner protectors

Protect your load and increase lifespan of your lashing straps.


Friction Materials

Increase the friction between surface and cargo.

Corner Protectors - Increase lifespan

Corner protectors, or vee boards, edge protectors or cargo strap protectors are used in combination with ratchet straps to stabilise the load and protect the edges of cargo from damage and to protect the webbing from sharp edges which can cause wear and tear. Corner Protectors can extend the life of a ratchet strap.

Corner Protector 2200

Article no.TypeColorSize (mm)Material

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Corner Protector 2203

Article no.TypeColorSize (mm)Material

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Corner Protector 2204

Article no.TypeColorSizeMaterial

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Friction Materials - Increase friction

Friction materials are essential in cargo control. These products increase the friction between the cargo and surface. The load is less likely to slide and is better protected against damage. When you use friction materials properly, you increase the friction, which means you need fewer straps and have shorter loading times (higher efficiency). 

Our friction materials are available in two different types of materials; vulkanised rubber or granulate. Both available in tiles or roll.

Friction Materials - Vulkanised Rubber

Article no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Friction Value

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Friction Materials - Granulate

Article no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Friction Value

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