March 8, 2024

Most optimal Multitemp solution in refrigerated transport: IsoLok Cool or Frigo Series?

Multitemp transport must coop with increasing pressure on profits and margins. Transport companies in refrigerated transport, or fleet operators needed a solution that enabled them to reduce fuel consumption while increasing flexibility in terms of the types of cargo they transport in one trailer. We developed the IsoLok Cool and Frigo Series and occupied the number one market position in the Multitemp segment. Supplying its temperature separation solutions to OEMs, bodybuilders and directly to fleet operators. But how do you select the most optimal solution for your application?

Less fuel consumption, more flexibility in the trailer

IsoLok Multitemp solutions help to rescale the conditioned compartment of the refrigerated trailer to the minimum. With market-leading insulation performance and compartment closure, IsoLok solutions are able to save users over 40% on energy consumption. The reduced size of the conditioned compartment enables them to transport dry or cooled products in the remaining space, increasing flexibility and load efficiency.

Multiple stops vs Ultimate Flexibility

Depending on the number of stops you do on a daily basis and the flexibility you require from a Multitemp solution, there is an IsoLok solution that fits better to your situation:

  • More than 5 stops per day

With over 5 stops (more or less) on a daily basis, ergonomics of a product comes in play. Our solutions with a SmartLift or TopMounted system offer a higher level of ergonomics than others. These systems are available for both Cool and Frigo Series. Depending on the temperature differences in the trailer, the Cool38 SmartLift offer higher insulation values and thus efficiency compared to Cool67 TopMounted.

Frigo 1D/2D/3D SmartLift
Frigo 1D TopMounted
Cool38 SmartLift
Cool67 TopMounted 3D

  • Ultimate flexibility

Especially on large distances or the temperature differences in the trailer, the Cool Series offer great advantages. They come in various thickness and folding options, making it easy for the driver to install, park or even store the bulkhead. The different folding options allow the bulkhead to be parked between double decking beams, anywhere inside the trailer or in the palletbox.

Cool38 Flex
Cool53 Flex
Frigo58 Flex

Customizable to customer requirements

With market demands varying greatly, Our product offering goes far beyond it standard solutions. If the customer wishes specific requirements which are not in the product line, we’re able to customize or develop custom-designed solutions, tailored to the specific needs. 

Due to the further development of balancers in recent years, our insulation bulkheads are now suitable for all OEM trailers and do not require any modification to an existing system! Already installed rails or corner profiles from the largest trailer manufacturers are compatible, allowing customers to use our insulated partition walls as a replacement for existing walls without having to fit new rails or remove existing rails.


We continuously work on new developments to further help our customers to maximize their efficiency in the cold chain. Would you like to know how to increase your profit in the cold chain and optimize your refrigerated trailer? Get in touch with our load optimization experts for support.

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Most optimal Multitemp solution in refrigerated transport: IsoLok Cool or Frigo Series?

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