Frigo58 SmartLift 3D

Ultimate flexibility combined with good performance

The hard-wall IsoLok Frigo58 SmartLift 3D combines high insulation performance with the highest convenience and flexibility possible combined with lowest height restriction (110mm). It comes as a 1/3 – 1/3 – 1/3 version, also compatible with Schmitz Cargobull roof tracks.

Frigo58 SmartLift 3D

The hard-wall IsoLok Frigo58 SmartLift 3D combines high insulation performance with the highest convenience and flexibility possible combined with lowest height restriction (110mm). It comes as a 1/3 – 1/3 – 1/3 version. To open each of the three doors, simply unlock the integrated floor stoppers to fold the panel separately in parking position. Cargo behind the closed panel(s) can stay for higher efficiency during loading and unloading! 

The three door, fixed bulkhead can only be repositioned with all panels connected throughout the entire refrigerated trailer/reefer when it is in a 45° position. This reduces the size of the cooled compartment and keeps the cooled air in during loading and unloading.

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Lowest height restriction


Best Insulation Performance

0,58 w/m2K


Unique balancer system, Schmitz Cargobull compatible

IsoLok SmartLift system


The SmartLift system allows the bulkhead to be easily and quickly repositioned over the length of the trailer. When the bulkhead is in parking or operating position, the system will lock automatically for safety during transport. We offer different versions to make it fully compatible with the roof track system within your trailer. Select the balancer of choice:

  • IsoLok SmartLift MK4: compatible with 3061 / 3062 J-Track
  • IsoLok SmartLift MK4: compatible with original Krone roof tracks
  • IsoLok SmartLift CS MK7: compatible with original SCB roof tracks
  • IsoLok SmartLift MK8: compatible with aluminium 3073 RS-Track

Height restriction is depending on the balancer and installed track system in the vehicle. 

Your ultimate solution?

The Frigo58 SmartLift 3D is ideal in situations when the temperature difference between both compartments is less than 20° Celsius. Also, when convenience and higher efficiency in operating is required, for example with multiple stops during the day (multi-drop distribution). A fixed solution will give the advantage of quickly rescaling the cooled compartment (less fuel consumption) and prevents cooled air from escaping.

Frigo58 SmartLift 2D

Clever Panel Technology (CPT)

Our Frigo Series consists of 43mm hard wall glassfibre reinforced sandwich panels. These rigid lightweight panels offer excellent insulation values and do not absorb water, ideal in a humid environment. For perfect closure inside the vehicle, the panels are equipped with rubber seals (both sides, bottom and around the balancers) to minimise the cool leakage. The insulation performance is measured in K-value (W/ m2 K). IsoLok solutions with our CPT technology offer the highest K-value performance in its product segment. Significantly better value for money than bulkheads of e.g. OEM’s or others.

Each of our IsoLok solutions have been tested by an independent research center Wageningen University of Research (WUR NL) and are expressed in a K value for thermal conductivity. The K-value expresses the amount of heat that passes through over time per m² and per degree of temperature difference between one side of a wall and the other. The lower the K value, the less heat is lost and therefore the better the insulating performance.

The only low-maintenance solution

Whereas with OEM bulkheads, repairs and maintenance can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. With LoadLok's multitemp solutions there is no more hassle. Most other bulkheads are equipped with fragile gas springs that require continuous service checks, LoadLok uses steel coil springs. The SmartLift mechanic balancer system is a low-maintenance solution for swiftly open/close and reposition the wall in the vehicle.  

Frigo Series CPT reinforced sandwich panels are manufactured from glassfiber, which makes them easy repaired by any service partner. In case of any repair, we have spare parts widely available from stock. Your downtime will always be limited. 



The unique SmartLift balancer system allows the bulkhead to open/close and to reposition the wall in the vehicle. With almost no effort the operator can reposition the wall throughout the vehicle. The SmartLift system has the lowest height restriction in the market: 110 mm (when used with IsoLok tracks). A unique feature when you want to maximise the capacity of your vehicle.

It is equipped with an automatic locking system to prevent any movement during transport. Inside the balancer there is a steel coil spring – completely free of maintenance! The balancer slides in:

  • LoadLok J-Track (available in different material finishes)
  • LoadLok RS-Track - unique design made out of aluminium
  • Schmitz Cargobull standard roof tracks
  • Krone standard roof tracks

Ask your sales representative for the optimal SmartLift system for your OEM. 

Higher efficiency with multiple temperature zones

IsoLok Multitemp solutions help to rescale the conditioned compartment to the minimum possible (even for partial loads). With market-leading insulation performance and compartment closure, these solutions are able to save users over 40% on energy consumption*. The reduced size of the conditioned compartment enables transport companies to transport dry or cooled products in the remaining space, increasing flexibility and load efficiency and thus increase profit in the cold chain!

* Based on average 50% cargo over the day, calculated by Wageningen University of Research (WUR NL

Tailored to any vehicle or application

With market demands varying greatly, our product offering goes far beyond its standard solutions. If the end-user wishes specific requirements which are not in the product line, we are able to customise or develop custom-designed solutions, tailored to the specific needs of its customers. 

We have developed and produced specific solutions for Meat, Pharma, Supermarkets, Retail and Restaurants. And not just for reefers, also for Light Commercial Vehicles (Sprinters etc.) Multiple folding, integrated doors, wings, or a specific parking solution? 

Let us know how we can tailor the ultimate efficient Multitemp solution for your application.

PIEK Certified for night deliveries

Several IsoLok solutions have been approved and certified according to PIEK standards. With this certificate the bulkhead is suitable for distribution during night-time in city centres!

Governments defined standards for noise emission during loading and unloading during night-time deliveries. A PIEK certificate is issued for vehicles and equipment operating under 60dB(A) which will be suitable for use in night-time deliveries without causing noise disturbance. Check the PIEK certificate in the download section of the product to see if PIEK is applicable.

ATP and HACCP compliant

The ATP, (Accord Transport Perissable) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) set strict regulations for the transport of perishable goods. 

The Cool and Frigo Series are compliant to this norm 1

1 Ask our sales representatives for ATP norm for the French market.

OEM retrofit

Do you need to replace your existing Schmitz partition wall? Or would you like to use a superior product instead of the OEM version? Our full range of Frigo Series and Cool Series Multitemp solutions can be installed in both new and existing trailers of Schmitz Cargobull. Both Multitemp solutions will be delivered in the exact size for the trailer to guarantee an outstanding performance. Our SmartLift balancer system has been made compatible for OEM Schmitz Cargobull tracks and have only a 140mm height restriction.

Product Specifications

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Frigo58 SmartLift 3D
1/3 -1/3 - 1/3
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