June 17, 2024

The new aluminum IsoLok 3073 Alu RS Track system


LoadLok is proud to announce the launch of IsoLok 3073 Alu RS Track, a cutting-edge aluminum extrusion track system designed to enhance payload and production efficiency for refrigerated trailers. Read more about LoadLok’s latest development.

Less CO2 emissions, more flexibility

IsoLok Multitemp solutions help to rescale the conditioned compartment to the minimum. With market-leading insulation performance and compartment closure, Multitemp solutions are able to save users over 40% on energy consumption and CO2 emissions*. The reduced size of the conditioned compartment enables them to transport dry or chilled products in the remaining space (even for partial loads), increasing flexibility and load efficiency.

90° Corner profile

The IsoLok 3073 Track is specifically engineered to mount temperature separation walls of the IsoLok Frigo and Cool Series with SmartLift in vehicles, offering unparalleled flexibility in adjusting the layout of the loading area. With this track and balancer system, users can effortlessly move the partition walls along the length of the vehicle. The aluminum extrusion is designed in a 90° corner profile which enables the option for Roof or Sidewalls mounting. The vehicle builder has the ability to optimize their production process as this track is designed be mounted in the top corner but also just in any position of the roof. The track has both on the side and top ribbed mounting surfaces optimized for glueing, with the option to add mechanical fixings like rivets or screws to hold the track in position during the curing of the glue if applicable.

Weight reduction results in higher payload

IsoLok SmartLift (MK8) balancer was optimized to smoothly operate in conjunction with the lightweight aluminum 3073 track. The height restriction of 110mm is unrivalled in the industry. The new slim and sleek universal design has led to significant weight reduction. It is equipped with a maintenance free steel coil spring within a stainless steel housing. Due to an innovative design the balancer can be mounted as both left and right version. The locking mechanism to keep the SmartLift in fixed position when the wall is parked to the roof or closed, is based on proven technology with a springloaded brakefinger which is pushed by the hinge of the SmartLift during the operation. This brakefinger locks into a stainless steel locking strip in the 3073 Alu RS track.

Eelco Noort (Product Manager IsoLok) explains: “With the introduction of this new aluminum extruded track and SmartLift balancer we are able to fulfill customer demands even better. Regardless of the differences in temperatures, the number of stops, or the flexibility requirements of our customers - we can offer a solution that fits best. We have the widest range in CPT and CFT solutions that excel in insulation values, durability, ergonomy & lightweight - combined with the lowest loading height restriction in the market.”

The IsoLok track is available in different lengths up to 6m. Ask your local LoadLok subsidiary for more information.


* Based on average 50% cargo over the day, calculated by Wageningen University of Research (WUR NL


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