November 21, 2023

The New 3009 Combi Flat Track Brings Unique Features in Food Transport

The standard surface mounted 3009 Combi Track is the foundation of LoadLok's commitment to excellence in the field of load securing. As this product did not fulfill the requirements for specific types of transport, LoadLok takes another step forward with the latest addition to their product lineup - the 3009 Combi Flat Track. But what makes this product special, and why is it creating unique additional value to the food transport?

Fully Recessed 3009 Combi Flat Track

LoadLok has been listening to customer feedback. Based on valuable input from professionals in the field, we have made a new version of the 3009 Combi Flat Track. The key improvement? This new version comes with countersunk fixing holes specifically designed for rivets. The fully flat surface of the side walls offers a unique advantage - they prevent any potential cargo damage during loading and unloading operations.

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Reduce the Risk of Bacterial Contamination

For the food industry and transport, this innovation is particularly significant. Why? Because any damaged cargo in this sector poses a higher risk of bacterial contamination. The 3009 Combi Flat Track with countersunk fixing holes ensures that cargo remains unscathed during the critical stages of loading and unloading. This aspect is very sensible since any pallet damage will be rejected by the end customer.

Versatility Beyond Food Transport

While this innovation is a step forward to the food industry, it's not limited to just one sector. Any transport operation that seeks to minimize the risk of cargo damage can benefit from this product. Whether you're transporting electronics, machinery, or any other delicate cargo. 

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