10008809 5064 Double aluminium captive track 1990mm
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    This double surface mounted, double decking track is excellent for transpor tation of... more
    Product information "5064 Double aluminium captive track 1990mm"

    This double surface mounted, double decking track is excellent for transpor tation of foodstuffs and/or perishable goods (HACCP), due to the track profile which can efficiently and easily be cleaned (h ygienic). Due to the small pitch of the track, aluminum captive deckin g beams (1843 or 1843HD) are adjustable in height every 21.5 mm. Tracks are installed vertically on the side wall.   - Safest systemin the market. Locking system tested more than 10.000 cycles -Excel lent low friction sliding action - Beam level ‘Micro’ adjustment with 21,5 mm pitch • Micro adjustment maximizes load capacity •Heigh t indicators for easy beam level positioning •Easy to clean track (HACCP) • Other track lengths and paterns of pitches available on request. • Several ways of mounting: Rivets, Glue, Screws • Surface mounted It is important to note that when installing pallet stations, th e size of the pallet and loading configurations should be taken into account to ensure the track is located at the correct spacing. The single track 5066 is mainly to be fitted in the fore and aft positions in the vehicle with the twin track 5064 forming the structure between. For n on-uniform loading patterns, due to other pallet sizes or posit ions of corrugations additional lengths of either 5064 or 5066 can be installed within a pallet station.

    Sub category: Aluminium Captive Tracks
    Material: Aluminium
    Treatment: Non-Anodized
    Weight: 4.4kg
    Product family: 5064 Track
    Profile height: 12mm
    Length: 1990mm
    Thickness: 3mm
    Fixing hole diameter: 5.3mm CS
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