A general misassumption about 75mm straps

By Dennis Bijleveld (Product Manager Lashing) 
Every now and then, questions rise about the STF value of our 75mm straps. In certain cases, customers get pulled over and fined by traffic police because of the missing STF value on our LoadLok 75mm straps. That is, when the customer is using the strap to tie down their load.

LoadLok 75mm straps DO NOT have a STF value on the labels. We do not have STF certification to use for these assemblies. Our Quality Department has tested the STF for this assembly in the past, estimated values were approx. 250-300daN as a tie down force. The norm requires the STF to be at least 10% of LC (which would be 500daN in this case) and thus we can not mention STF on the label.

Because of the high LC of this assembly, it is commonly used for direct lashing (where we use LC to calculate and not STF) and not for tie down lashing. Without a STF value on the label, it is illegal to use a strap to tie down your load! Furthermore, based on above, it is more logical advising customers to always use Ergo Assemblies (STF 500daN) to tie down their load.

General misassumption is that because of the huge ratchet, the tie down force must be very high. Truth is, a multiple of factors cause the opposite (thickness of the webbing, big rotating axel, big teeth et cetera).

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to have more (practical/pictures) information on for example direct- and/or tie down lashing.

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