Unilok Update

The Unilok load control system is currently on trial with several transport and logistics firms. One of those transport companies is De Rooy Transport & Logistiek in The Netherlands. This system is installed in a multidrop heavy goods vehicle that carries anything from cardboard boxes to 6m lengths of piping.

After 2 months of use, the system was working very well, and the driver was extremely happy with the way the captive beams moved in the track as well as the flexibility the system gave him for load control. Ad de Rooy, company owner, said that ‘the Unilok track was much stronger than he expected and he was looking forward to not losing 150 beams a year when he had it installed in all his trailers.’

Whilst at De Rooy, the Loadlok Engineering team agreed some updates to the installed vehicle to ensure the system works to its full potential. These updates include a lower level of track, so that smaller pallets can be restrained as well as a bumper strip to protect pallets from the vertical Unilok track.

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