LoadLok ISO 9001 Recertified

Quality Management affects the whole company and all of its branches. In the first place, a high quality of the products is essential. To achieve this goal, the processes have to be capable. At the top, the management practices a competent leadership. The operational processes reach from sales and procurement over production to delivery and post-delivery activities. They are tightly controlled by quality objectives. At the end of a period, these are analyzed in a review. To further enhance the performance of the system and the processes, actions are planned and after implementation, the effectiveness is evaluated. In this procedure, risks and chances are considered which leads to a deeper understanding of the context.

Competent persons run the processes and finally release the products. Where new challenges occur, trainings are absolved to graduate with a certificate. This leads to the awareness of the importance to fulfill all requirements. Non-conforming outputs are examined and corrections are introduced to avoid further appearances. Guided communications and internal audits then display obvious conclusions and issues. Finally, all customers are completely satisfied. 

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