Increase lashing strap lifespan

Taking care of the protection will increase the lifespan of your equipment and cargo. 

Visually inspect equipment! 

A visual inspection of your equipment before each use is recommended. As only marked and labelled web lashings are allowed to be used, make sure the label is protected from weather conditions and sharp edges.

Webbing containing tears, cuts and breaks shall be rejected and put out of use. To avoid damage, make sure to use corner protectors or anti wear sleeves to protect the webbing from sharp edges of the load. Fittings and tensioning devices that show deformations, heavy signs of wear or signs of corrosion can be a safety risk and should be repaired or replaced. To increase the lifespan of fittings and tensioning devices, make sure to use certified systems and be careful with combining different material sorts or brands for load securing.

A variety of anti-wear webbings are available for special applications, contact your local subsidary for possibilities. 

Important: Using protection materials for your equipment in your load securing plans will increase security, reduce loading time and save on material costs. Contact LoadLok for advice in load securing.

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